Zaramella's flatware is dishwasher safe with the exception of gold gilded pieces and the knives.

Please note that certain detergents can be used to clean your flatware. If you don't get the opportunity to wash your flatware right after use, we suggest you rinse them off with tepid water.

It is essential to keep in mind that silver is the most appropriate metal to have contact with the food, thanks to its non-toxic and anti-germ properties. Furthermore, it does not change the taste of food and drinks.

To maintain your Zaramella Argenti silverware in clean and perfect conditions, you can:


• Use a soft sponge and soapy water. Never use a corrosive or abrasive product

• Never let your silverware/flatware come into contact with bleach

• Promptly dry with a soft cloth


• Before the first use, wash your silverware/flatware by hand with a gentle liquid dish detergent

• In the dishwasher, use traditional, chlorine-free powders. Do not use gel or liquid products, which often contain chlorine

• Avoid washing your silverware/flatware during the first cycle, if you use a water softening product in the dishwasher

• Attention: water with a high mineral content can be corrosive

• Do not wash knives in a dishwasher

Separate silver flatware from stainless steel: silver does not coexist well with other metals. Run two separate cycles or place them in a distant flatware basket fa from each other.

Finally, it is also imperative to store your silver flatware effectively to prevent scratching and corrosion.

Carefree Products

Zaramella's sterling silver 925 frames are varnished and require no maintenance.

Please do not use neither Zaramella cleaning products nor conventional cleaning products, such as glass products, as they could damage the frames.

We recommend the use of a dry or damp cloth.




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