Zaramella Argenti has its ancestral roots at the historic nothern Italy city Padova, as you can observe in its a mixture of wisdom and cultural richness. We share and create art and history in our delicated objects for your table, for a special place, for your home.


Founded in Padova by Bruno Zaramella in 1948, Zaramella Argenti has a productive focus sterling silver 925 Cutlery.

At the time, Zaramella produced mainly cutlery sets of the most classic models, such as San Marco, Barocco and Impero, whose production perpetuates up to our days.

With time the need to create and produce new offers, motivated our craftsmen to present simple, contemporary models, always with the italian quality stamped in each piece with 30PD Z 925.

The italian silversmith, with elegance and know-how expanded the talent for the creation of exceptional pieces for the table and home accessories.

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