ZARAMELLA ARGENTI Srl, produces since 1948 Massive Silverware in 925(sterling), which is guaranteed by the company's stamp 30PD Z 925.

  • Sterling Silver has a standard of 925/1000; in other words, it's made up of 92,5 percent pure silver and up to 7,5% of other metals. Through alloying (predominantly with copper), sterling silver is harder than pure silver and, as such, makedly durable and, of course, dishwasher-safe. The hallmark on the handle of the cutlery confirms the quality and origin.
  • Zaramella certifies the authenticity and quality of its products, which are handmade, by submitting them to a demanding quality control.
  • With its high standards set for the materials and handcraft, Zaramella guarantees assistance to products that eventually reveal manufacturing problems, in regular use under circumstances that do not compromise the productive standards.
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