Need to customize a Zaramella product?

Although every singular product from Zaramella Argenti is handmade and, therefore, unique, we also propose different options when it comes to customising our products.

As a gift for the beloved, a wedding or a christening present, or as a corporate gift - with customization from Zaramella Argenti, you can express all your affection and appreciation.

Monograms are individually laser engraved for a flawless and timeless finish.

A few examples are shown below:

  • Zaramella Argenti only customizes its own products: products that are marketed by Zaramella.
  • The customizable pieces are properly marked on the site. When it comes to customize a name, a date, a monogram, the cost of customization is 10€.

If you wish to customize a piece with a special engraving such as a special image or monogram, the cost will be budgeted accordingly and validated by the customer before being submitted.

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